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A new addition to the family

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We are delighted to announce that we have a new addition to the Developer.Press family!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome – Marc André Zhou.

Marc is the author of our latest publication, ‘SharePoint 2013 – Developing Apps with Napa and Visual Studio 2012′ . Marc   has been a passionate software developer for over 20 years.

Marc’s main focus is creating business and web applications for customers using Microsoft technologies with and without the SharePoint platform. Marc has been working with SharePoint since the first version was available in 2001. So he’s a pretty reliable guy to be writing about SharePoint, don’t ya think?

We hope to have a Q & A with man himself up on the blog shortly so we can really get to know more about him.

In the meantime, let’s find out what the ebook has in store for us!

SharePoint 2013 is the first version of SharePoint that enables developers to build apps for SharePoint. In fact every developer is able to build apps for SharePoint regardless of which platform or language.

Apps are completely new for SharePoint including the programming model and architecture. This book will give an overview of the new programming model and will demonstrate how apps can be implemented with Napa and Visual Studio 2012.

The book explains the available hosting options and the use of the different communication interfaces like REST and the JavaScript library. Further topics included are:

Each topic will have example app solutions in Visual Studio 2012 and Napa to help you understand.

‘SharePoint 2013 – Developing Apps with Napa and Visual Studio 2012’ is now available to buy from the website for only $4.99.


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