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A well earned ‘pat on the back’.

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We always love when someone from our Developer.Press family gets some praise. And like a proud momma or pappa we want to shout it as loud as possible.

This time it’s the turn of one of our latest additions to the family, Sam Hennessy. Sam recently released his ebook, ‘PHP Array Filtering, The Use Cases’ available now on Developer.Press and other retailers.

Recently, Eric James Michael Ritz, who runs the blog  ‘One More Game-Dev and Programming Blog‘ featured Sam’s book as their Book of the Week (BOTW).

Here’s just a sneak peek of what he had to say about the book,

“Sam Hennessy’s ‘PHP Array Filtering’ is a great book. It is highly focused on its subject and presents a dense amount of information with its concise but educational explanations and code examples. I would recommend it to PHP developers of all experience levels; it teaches novice developers about an incredibly useful part of PHP’s standard library and it will refresh the memory of experienced developers who likely forgot that some of these functions existed—no one can remember everything in PHP’s standard library after all.”

To read more of the review, head on over to the blog.  And once you realise that buying the book is the smartest decision you will ever make…you can head over to the website to purchase it. Simples.


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