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We have so much exciting things on the horizon right now! Not only are ‘BDD with JavaScript’ by Marco Emrich and ‘PHP Array Filtering’ by Sam Hennessy due out any day now but we also have more great books in store for release throughout summer

So, let’s have a look at one of our upcoming releases: ‘SharePoint 2013 – Developing Apps with Napa and Visual Studio 2012′ by Marc Andre Zhou.


What’s the ebook all about?

SharePoint 2013 is the first version of SharePoint that enables developers to build apps for SharePoint. In fact every developer is able to build apps for SharePoint regardless of which platform or language.

Apps are completely new for SharePoint including the programming model and architecture. This book will give an overview of the new programming model and will demonstrate how apps can be implemented with Napa and Visual Studio 2012.

The book explains the available hosting options and the use of the different communication interfaces like REST and the JavaScript library. Further topics included are:

– App architecture

– Development environment

– Using jQuery UI / DataTable

– Cross-Domain access

– App Part / Chrome control

– Remote webs

Each topic will have example app solutions in Visual Studio 2012 and Napa to help you understand.

Stay tuned to the blog for a bit about the author and a short Q & A with the man himself!


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