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Log Everything!

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We have a new ebook that is set for release shortly and it’s fair to say we’re getting a little bit excited over it! ‘Log Everything!’ will be the latest addition to the Developer.Press family and comes from Stefan Schadwinkel and Mike Lohmann. So firstly, we thought we’d introduce you to the guys behind the ebook. First up, […]

Reviews for Developer.Press

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Our books are great. But don’t just trust us; here are some reviews from developers who have actually bought, read and loved the books. Trust them! Clojure Made Simple – John Stevenson Great first step into Clojure, a pleasure to read – Sisu **** 4 Stars I’m new to Clojure, and rather than coming to […]

A well earned ‘pat on the back’.

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We always love when someone from our Developer.Press family gets some praise. And like a proud momma or pappa we want to shout it as loud as possible. This time it’s the turn of one of our latest additions to the family, Sam Hennessy. Sam recently released his ebook, ‘PHP Array Filtering, The Use Cases’ available now […]

A new addition to the family

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We are delighted to announce that we have a new addition to the Developer.Press family! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome – Marc André Zhou. Marc is the author of our latest publication, ‘SharePoint 2013 – Developing Apps with Napa and Visual Studio 2012′ . Marc   has been a passionate software developer for over 20 years. Marc’s main focus is creating […]

The man behind BDD with JavaScript

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Developer.Press have just released ‘Behaviour Driven Development with JavaScript’ by Marco Emrich to great success! So we thought we’d get to know more about the man behind the book itself! How did you first get into developing / coding? My first encounter with a computer was in 1987 during a physics class. This particular one […]