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Getting to know more about Sam

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Want to know more about the man behind ‘PHP Array Filtering. The Use Cases‘?

We did a quick Q & A with the man of the moment to find out more about him!

1. For someone that’s wanting to get their hands on your PHP ebook, can you let them know what they have in store?

 They will get a unique experience. There are a mountain of programming books that will get you started on a subject, but very few that will give you full knowledge of the topic. I created the “Use Case” system to give developers the full knowledge of a subject and that’s what I intend for the reader to take away.
 2. How did you start working with PHP?
I was originally a graphic designer. I love the internet and decided to try and create a website. I wanted to try and make them a little more interactive, but I had no idea how to do that. I kept seeing a logo for what I thought was some sort of database software. One day I clicked it and it took me to the PHP website. Shortly after that, I picked up a book on PHP programming and proceeded to learn how to program.
3. What would be your main piece of advice for someone who wanted to get started with PHP?
I would recommend picking up a book, but I guess I’m biased. Everyone learns in different ways, so find what is going to be the best fit for you. For creating websites, PHP is a very easy language to pick up. You also need to be aware that PHP is first and foremost a web language. It can and is often used in other ways but that is not its strength.
 4.  What was the most enjoyable aspect of writing the book?
No book like this has been written before, so I had to define the whole format of the book and how it would work. This was challenging but very exciting. Having a great publisher also helped. Working closely with them helped me learn a lot about what it takes to publish a book.
5. What was the most challenging aspect of writing the book?
The thing I did the most while writing this book was stare into space. Well that’s what it would have looked like if you were watching me. I wanted to come up with realistic use cases and how you would use everything I was writing about. Also, trying to come up with things a developer could really see themselves using in their real, everyday work. I had a very high standard in this regard and I often ended up, for long periods of time, thinking of use case after use case until I was happy.
6. How did you first get into developing/coding?
After I’d learned the basics I needed a project. I had a hard time thinking of a project to work on so I ended up volunteering my time to who ever wanted it. If I was smart when I starting out, I would have volunteered my time working on an Open Source project. If I had done that, when it came time that I wanted a full-time job, that would have been a very valuable thing to put on my mostly empty resume. So that is something I often recommend to people getting into programming.
7. What individuals or companies do you admire most/heroes in the tech space?
I love PHP and as such I’m very grateful for the contributions that Zend has made to the PHP community. Their goal was to get PHP into the “enterprise” companies. For enterprise customers to adopt a technology they expect there to be a full suite of tools and professional support that go along with that. Zend has provided this and as such help push PHP much much further.
8. What is your favorite movie/tv series at the moment?
It seems movies has dominated my spare time recently and this is shaping up to be a super awesome movie season. I’ve already seen a ton of movies and there seems so many good ones to still come. I’m most excited to see Pacific Rim and Elysium. Also a little ways away but I loved Sin City so I’m hoping Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be just as good.
Music wise I’m a “dig in the crates” kind of guy. My new favorite hobby is finding DJ mixes on Spotify. If you like classic mixes check out “Renaissance – The Mix Collection” by Sasha and Digweed. For new bands check out The Devine Fits – A Thing Called Devine Fits and Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is an Animal.


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