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How To Choose Paintings For Living Room

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Paints for living rooms can create a beautiful space that invites you inside every time you walk in it. It is important to pick paint that will compliment your existing decor, but it does not have to be identical to your furniture and wall coverings. Paints for living rooms should add to your home’s appeal and add value without being overwhelming. If you have dark wallpaper, a vibrant painting on the opposite wall may be all you need to transform the space. Paints for living rooms come in a variety of shades to help you find the perfect hue to blend with your home’s existing furnishings.

Choosing Paintings For Living Room When picking art pieces to use as your new wall decor, keep in mind the type of the color palette you currently have. Use a coordinating color palette that provides the balance for your current wall color choices. When searching for a painting for your living space, choose paintings with rich colors that compliment the dominant wall color. If you have earthy tones, opt for paintings with warm tones. You may also want to choose art pieces that have some dimension to them so they do not seem empty or like part of a bigger painting.

Artwork Overlapping Art With Wall Decor To bring a unique look to your living room, choose artwork that is overlapped by your current wall color palette. To make an interesting visual impact, place artwork at least two feet away from your furniture. For a visually striking effect, place artwork over two walls, three walls, or even more than three walls.

Whole Room With Wall Art Paints To bring a bright, sunny look to a dark living room, choose colorful full-color paintings that line the walls of your living room. In contrast, choose paintings that are darker and dreary in tone for a dramatic look in the dark. Consider pairing sun-drenched art with an oceanic theme. Or go with a forest scene with an Asian theme.

Art With frames If you find that your living room paintings don’t fit in the existing decor, consider adding framed wall art to your home. For best results, select art with a protective frame that is painted in the same color as your wall paint. Frames made of wood, metal, or a combination of these materials will work well. If you have an oil painting you love, consider framed copies of it that are in similar colors.

When selecting living wall art for your home, it is important to match the look you want to achieve throughout the space. Make sure that your painting accents the architecture, furniture, and textures of the room and fits with your current wall and color palette choices. By taking your time, you will ensure that your choice of wall art will be the one that will last for years. In addition, choosing art pieces with a sturdy frame will help protect your artwork from damaging weather conditions.


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