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We’ve had some more great reviews on our books and we’re so proud of them we thought that we would share them with you all! Some could say it is us showing off a little, but please forgive us this little indulgence – it’s like when you worked really hard on your homework and your […]

Developer.Press & LJC Book Club

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Hey guys! We have some interesting news we wanted to share with you all! Ourselves and LJC Book Club have decided to join forces! To celebrate our new friendship we are currently running a competition with them for our latest title ‘Clojure Made Simple’ by John Stevenson. We are giving away 10 iBook vouchers for Clojure Made Simple by […]

Congratulations and celebrations!

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We’ve just wrapped up our latest competition and it was another great success! We want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered! Sadly though, only 50 lucky people could get a winning voucher code! So, we want to say “congratulations” to all the winners….and a “better luck next time” to those who […]

Reviews, reviews, reviews

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All of our books are now available to buy directly from the website ( or from Amazon, Google Play and iBooks ( the links for these are also available from the website). We thought we’d have a read of some of the reviews of the ebooks so far!  If you’ve bought one of our ebooks […]

‘HTML5 Security’ Review

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Jeanne Boyarsky from JavaRanch/CodeRanch recently read and reviewed ‘HTML5 Security’. Here is what she had to say about the book: ” ‘HTML 5 Security’ is $4 for 60 pages. It is priced like a standalone short story. And it reads like a full length book. I came away from reading it with three takeaways 1 […]