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Our books are great. But don’t just trust us; here are some reviews from developers who have actually bought, read and loved the books. Trust them!

Clojure Made Simple – John Stevenson

Great first step into Clojure, a pleasure to read – Sisu **** 4 Stars

I’m new to Clojure, and rather than coming to grips immediately with functional programming for large projects, I wanted to get familiar with Clojure in a very basic way first. Personally I like to learn new technology, especially languages (foreign or computer) by nibbling around the edges first to get a feel for the style of the language, to seed my mind with clues before seeking deep understanding. Perhaps others prefer other approaches but that’s what works for me.

Having said that I found John Stevenson’s short book to be exactly what I needed. Honestly it was as if a very knowledgeable tutor knew he had to get you up and functioning in a programming lab in an hour or two, so that you could keep up with students who were a couple weeks ahead. I read it in a couple hours, and thoroughly enjoyed it. How cool is it to go from knowing nothing to having the Clojure REPL (“lein repl”) up and entering simple Clojure methods before one has finished that first cup of tea?

At the price, this book is outstanding. Kindle eReaders are free for all platforms, so there you go. I would love it if Stevenson came out with a follow-on book, maybe less than 80 pages still, with a self-explanatory title like “The Second Day of Learning Clojure.” His writing style is excellent and clear.

Great way to get basics from Clojure – Jari ***** 5 Stars

This is great intro book and it does not need any knowledge about Clojure. After this the reader can easily pick up next book, Clojure Programming for example, and start with more advanced examples.

Whets the appetite – AJ Lewis ***** 5 Stars

This book is a pretty good introduction to Clojure with pointers towards further discovery. Hopefully, the author will write more of these short books on other areas related to Clojure.

PHP Array Filtering, The Use Cases – Sam Hennessy

Great reference book! – Kevin Doran ***** 5 Stars

Very easy to understand for a very difficult concept! Great reference material that I’ll use day to day as a developer. Recommended for beginner to expert folks working with PHP.

Good Information, Could use an Index – Chad Robertson **** 4 Stars

Full disclosure. I have had the joy and pain of working with Sam over the course of a year or so. Luckily, I was able to put that aside and not hold that against him while reading his book. The preface to the book even mentions me, lazy developer who asks him about stuff instead of Google. So I can verify he is a good source of knowledge when it comes to PHP and this book highlights that knowledge fairly well.

As for the book, the concept is great! Given a very narrow field of view at a particular sub-section of PHP functionality it allows the reader to think in depth about what is usually glanced over. The “use case” approach is very helpful to understand why you would want to use a particular function over another.

The reason for 4 stars instead of 5. I would have loved a few pages be dedicated to an index. List all the functions and a quick over view of how they are useful. For someone who might not know which function they should start with. It would take a bit of time to scan the book looking for the right one. A quick reference section would make this book incredibly more useful on a day to day basis as a reference manual. That is about half a star that I needed to deduct. The other half star is deducted just because I can’t with good conscience give Sam a full 5 stars. He would surely leverage this against in some way the next time I see him and I just can’t let that happen.

Great use cases, surprisingly good grammar (Sam should thank his editor), great reference material even without an index.

What it says on the tin – Alexander Johannesen **** 4 Stars

It’s a book about array filtering. Clear prose, straight forward examples, even though a bit sparse and could use more use cases and examples, but for this price you simply cannot fail this little great book.

WebSockets – Scott Mattocks

A little short but very much to the point – AOL Jack **** 4 Stars

If you want to get an idea of what websockets are about but you are not looking to read code or a large several hundred page book to find out this book is for you. The author does a good job of explaining how websockets work and what you might want to use them for.

MVC Applies to JavaScript – Sebastiano Armeli – Battana

A good guide to understanding MVC and backbone.js ***** 5 Stars

For those of us interested in learning about MVC and backbone.js, there are surprisingly few books available. Whilst this is not an exhaustive guide, it provides good examples and comparisons between three different methodologies, resulting in a greater understanding of the benefits of MVC using backbone.js.

Well worth the low price.


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