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All of our books are now available to buy directly from the website ( or from Amazon, Google Play and iBooks ( the links for these are also available from the website).

We thought we’d have a read of some of the reviews of the ebooks so far!  If you’ve bought one of our ebooks make sure and write a review yourself and let people know what you

‘SharePoint 2010 Development’ by Bernd Pehlke:

“Nicely done, well written and on point written and on point with the topic. The author used his knowledge and skills to show me what I needed to know.”

‘Presenting for Geeks’ by Dirk Haun:

“This was a short read that really affirmed a lot of my beliefs as a technology speaker. It offers a mash up of a lot of good tips and solidifies some basic best practices with regards to good manners and respect for you fellow speakers. It made me think of Scott Hanselman’s quote about thinking of your audience as consultants that pay a large total sum of money to listen to you, wasting their time far outweighs your in investment in rehearsal, etc (not a direct quote).”

‘MVC Applies to JavaScript’ by Sebastiano Armeli-Battanna

“This book is right on the money. I’d read a few reviews that said there were some coding errors, after contacting the publisher to find out if this had been rectified, I was assured it had been! After checking for myself I found they do indeed work correctly.                        This book is well written and gives a great overview on the MVC pattern in JS. Read this if you want to read a high quality introduction!”

‘Clojure Made Simple’ by John Stevenson

“I bought the book anyway as it’s so cheap – I’m so happy I did! I feel like I’m thinking in more of a functional way and I’m ready to move on to find out more about the complex side of Clojure!If you want to read an introduction to Clojure, I would recommend this book.”


‘Testing with Visual Studio 2012’ by Hendrik Losch

“Testing with Visual Studio 2012 is a very good intro for Developers to test automation in VS2012.”

‘OpenShift Primer’ by Eric D. Schabell

“Could not recommend this book more, really top-notch information! I’m a developer and wanted to get started with OpenShift RedHat PaaS and this was exactly want I was looking for. Really clear and concise knowledge.”


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