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We’ve had some more great reviews on our books and we’re so proud of them we thought that we would share them with you all! Some could say it is us showing off a little, but please forgive us this little indulgence – it’s like when you worked really hard on your homework and your teacher gave you a gold start so you ran home to your parents showing it off! Oh the excitement!

What’s New in SQL Server 2012 – Thorsten Kansy

I was requested by my employer to familiarize myself with the updates found in SQL Server 2012, I did not relish doing this. Thankfully I found this book – it meant that I didn’t have to read books which were 500 pages in length to get to know the most relevant updates. Written in a professional manner, which I read in an afternoon – this book was a lifesaver!

***** 5 Stars

Clojure Made Simple – John Stevenson

The book is fantastic value and full of great code examples, kudos to John on a job well done!

Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools 360° – Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

I wanted to know about Microsoft’s BI tools quickly. This book allowed me to do that without having to trawl through large books, the size of this book is ideal. Also it highlights all of the important tools that I’m likely to use – great stuff!

***** 5 Stars

WebSockets – Scott Mattocks

This is the first book I’ve read on the topic which I’ve really enjoyed reading, it told me everything I needed to know in order to use WebSockets to help turn my website in to a web app. Loved it!

***** 5 Stars

SharePoint 2010 Development – Bernd Pehlke

Extremely well written, to the point with all the basics covered. The author clearly knows his stuff, it really helped me to get started with SharePoint 2010!

***** 5 Stars

HTML5 Security – Carsten Eilers

If you want to find out what new attacks are possible and how can they be prevented, this is an essential read. I wasn’t even aware that some of these cyber attacks could even take place! This book has opened up my eyes!

***** 5 Stars

Presenting for Geeks – Dirk Haun

I’m fairly new to the presenting world and this book has really helped me to improve my presentation and presenting skills, At such a low cost, I would recommend this to anyone in the tech industry!

***** 5 Stars

MVC Applies to JavaScript –  Sebastiano Armeli-Battana

Well-written book with good overview on the MVC pattern in JS. If you want to start with MV* or with Backbone I would recommend it.

Happy to read it over a weekend.

***** 5 Stars

OpenShift Primer – Eric Schabell

I love that this book is based on real world examples – it made it really easy to learn. I also love that fact that it’s written for many different types of developers, php, java, ruby…. they were all in there! I’m just hope that the author will write more books like this!

***** 5 Stars

Testing with Visual Studio 2012 – Hendrik Lösch

I wanted a quick refresher on test automation in VS2012 and an update on some of the changes, this book was perfect for that. At such a low cost, this is well worth a read!!


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