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The reviews are in!

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Thinking of getting your hands on some of our titles? Need a little push?

We thought we’d let you know you’re making the right decision by sharing with you some of the reviews our readers have posted in relation to our books:

Clojure Made Simple – John Stevenson

Jari said, “This is great intro book and it does not need any knowledge about Clojure.  After this the reader can easily pick up next book, Clojure Programming for example, and start with more advanced examples.”

5 Stars

Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools 360° – Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

John said, “I wanted to know about Microsoft’s BI tools quickly. This book allowed me to do that without having to trawl through large books, the size of this book is ideal. Also it highlights all of the important tools that I’m likely to use – great stuff!”

5 Stars

SharePoint 2010 Development – Bernd Pehlke

Shane G. said,  “Nicely done, well written and on point with the topic. The Author used his knowledge and skills to show me what I needed to know.”

5 Stars

HTML5 Security – Carsten Eilers

Jeanne Boyarsky ( from Code Ranch) said, ”

HTML 5 Security” is $4 for 60 pages. It is priced like a standalone short story. And it reads like a full length book. I came away from reading it with three takeaways

1 – lots of info on security
2 – a lot changed in the security space even if you aren’t using the new html 5/browser features
3 – scary – some of these attacks are impossible to prevent at the moment

… I’d write more, but I need to go tell some other people to buy this book. ”

Presenting for Geeks – Dirk Haun

Benjamin D. Dewey said,  “This was a short read that really affirmed a lot of my beliefs as a technology speaker. It offers a mash up of a lot of good tips and solidifies some basic best practices with regards to good manners and respect for you fellow speakers. It made me think of Scott Hanselman’s quote about thinking of your audience as consultants that pay a large total sum of money to listen to you, wasting their time far outweighs your in investment in rehearsal, etc (not a direct quote).

+1 for Presentation Zen being the number 1 reference.”

5 Stars

MVC Applies to JavaScript – Sebastiano Armeli – Battana

Mark T. Stewart said, “Well-written book with good overview on the MVC pattern in JS. If you want to start with MV* or with Backbone I would recommend it. Happy to read it over a weekend.”

5 Stars

Testing with Visual Studio 2012- Hendrik Lösch

Big Ian said, “Testing with Visual Studio 2012 is a very good intro for Developers to test automation in VS2012 however there is nothing there regarding Microsoft Test Manager so it is virtually useless for 70-497: Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012 – Microsoft accreditation.  HTH”

3 Stars

So hopefully these great reviews from peers will convince you selecting a Developer.Press ebook is a really great move!

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